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Nissan Announces North American Management Changes
By Ryan Thomas

The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. earlier announced the changes at its North American Sales and Department. The changes are aimed at furthering the automaker’s growth in the global automotive industry. With the escalating competition, Nissan’s drive to sustain profitable development is also accelerating.

Indeed, changes are inevitable. And Nissan is putting its best foot forward to cope with the demands of the industry. But changes not only cover refinement of auto parts like the Nissan header. Management is also one of the crucial factors that should entertain changes as well. As a fact, Nissan Europe and Nissan Canada also announced related changes in senior positions.

“The U.S. market is changing and Nissan’s and sales group must change with it,” said Brad Bradshaw, the Senior Vice President for Sales and for Nissan North America. “Since 1999, we have nearly doubled the number of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles we are offering and more are coming.”

Bradshaw furthermore added, “We have created an architecture that allows us to react faster and with more confidence to changes in the market, to become more flexible and to take advantage of opportunities to enhance the brand recognition of Nissan and Infiniti.”

For the Nissan Americas, the changes are effective starting April 1 this year. Christian Meunier, presently the vice president of sales operations in Europe, will become the vice president for the Model Line in North America. Beginning April, Meunier will be liable for model line management to ensure profitable growth for both Nissan and Infiniti portfolios.

Meunier is expected to formulate and develop a model-by-model strategic positioning briefs. He will also be responsible for the launch strategy, coordination, marketing, sales and other corporate communications to ensure the success of the automaker’s North American Model Line. Meunier will directly report to Bradshaw. Additionally, four model line directors, including one from Infiniti, will report to Meunier.

Since 2002, Meunier has been working at Nissan Europe in the sales and area. Meunier has already established a name

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in auto sales and marketing. He previously holds the sales and positions with Mercedes-Benz USA, Rover France and Ford France.

“Corporate structure is a framework enabling us to implement strategies through the company’s greatest asset - its people,” said Bradshaw. “The new structure will enhance the resources we have to take on challenges and succeed. All these responsibilities are crucial to the successful fulfillment of the Nissan Value-Up business plan and our longer term success in North America.”

Another change in management includes Jan Thompson, who currently is the vice president for at Nissan North America. Thompson will become the vice president for communications. She will be concentrating on advertising, interactive as well as other communications activities for Nissan and Infiniti brands. Directors who will be reporting to Thompson will account for interactive and communications.

Other management changes include the following: Dave Mazur, currently the vice president for market intelligence, will be having additional responsibilities of pricing, market planning and brand management. Yuhei Takahashi, who previously handles the responsibilities connected to pricing and brand management, will just finish his U.S assignment and is expected to go back to Japan for a new assignment. Mazur’s group will be responsible for segment and vehicle volume forecasts and analyses. It will also be liable for product contract monitoring, pricing and brand tracking.

For Nissan Europe and Canada, changes in management include Simon Thomas, who is currently the vice president for sales and for Nissan Canada, Inc., will replace Meunier as the vice president for sales operations at Nissan Europe. Thomas’ replacement will be announced at a later time.

Article Source: http://articlecrazy.com

Ryan Thomas is a native of Denver, Colorado. He grew up in a family of car afficionados. He now resides in Detroit where he owns a service shop and works part time as a consultant for a local automotive magazine.

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