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Can You Quit Your Job With Affiliates Marketing?
By M.Planet Lubowa
There are over a million affiliate programs out there in as many industries as you can ever wish of in the world. There is an affiliate program out there for just about anything that you could possibly think of.

But can you quit your job with affiliate marketing? How easy is it to make job-killing money with affiliate programs?

Well, the answer is different for different people especially because not all people are able to make a single dime from the Internet. So if you listen to the advice of such people, you will never quit your job.

But my answer is that yes you can make job killing money with affiliate marketing. And I tend to give you the formula and resources in this article.

I want to tell you that affiliate programs come in two basic shades. One, you sign up as an affiliate with a program, get your very own U.R.L. and agree to sell whatever it is they're selling and in exchange for doing this you receive a percentage of the sales, also called a commission. The commission ranges from from company to company and can range anywhere from 5% to 85%. A lot of this depends upon the price of the product and whether or not it's a product or service that is strictly an informational product delivered by computer such as an ebook or software, or an actual product with physical delivery such as consumer electronics, cosmetics, etc.

The other way is for you to become an affiliate, of an affiliate, of an affiliate, and so on. This is also called Network or Multi-level Marketing. With this way of marketing, the idea is that you recruit or sign up a few individuals and they do the same, right on down to the last 'level'. With this type of program, you can make a little off of thousands of people, which in theory can add up to a lot of money.

With this network marketing, if you keep advertising and recruiting, you'll eventually run across some individuals who are also highly motivated and they will be the ones who will in fact help to grow your business and income. The turnover rate is extremely high in this type of program especially if there's a monthly commitment involved. However, in this type of affiliate marketing, people will oftentimes hang around for a month or two but after a couple of months of paying and not seeing any results, they're usually gone.


is good for residual income. Residual income is income, which you keep getting per month for a very long time as a result of an action you did only once. Such as recruiting only one paying affiliate into your program. To build a job killing income with network is possible but takes a lot of time. But it is very good to invest time in it because the moment you have built your business, you will keep getting paid even when you are sick, whether it is raining or when you have died. And you can easily quit your job within like three years of dedication.

However, there is a quick way to quit your job with affiliate marketing. This is through promotion of affiliate products through click bank where you get paid once. There a people making 1000 dollars everyday just by doing this and you can also achieve it as I will show you.

No matter what type of affiliate program you're talking about, a major issue is getting enough quality traffic to make any program work. When I first started affiliate programs, I was completely ignorant of how much traffic it oftentimes took to make a sale. I did mass advertising on the Hit or Click Exchanges, Safe lists, FFA blasters, thinking that I could make lots of money.

I am not saying you cannot get traffic with these, you can get lot of traffic by doing the Traffic or Hit exchanges, but they mainly consist of other marketers and advertisers trying to sell their own product or program.

So before you start anything, to make a job quitting income, you should come up with a plan on how you're going to market the product or program. You may be able to make money with free advertising but it's more than likely that you'll have to spend some money to make some. This is especially true if you are promoting click bank products.

Article Source: http://articlecrazy.com

Lubowa.M.Planet gives you straight-to-the-point reviews and informed opinions on affiliate tools.Get His Free Affiliate report to make over $36000/M

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And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our Free Marketing website.

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