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Honest Riches 2007 - Is This The Best E-marketing Book Ever ?
By Ricky Hensman
Honest Internet Riches by Holly Mann is probably one of the most popular guides to the secrets of making money on the Internet. It provides advice to people new to Internet as well as those with prior knowledge and the latest edition has just been updated for 2007. But is it for real ? Does it work ?

Like many I saw Hollyís ad page partly because of the reference to the Rich Jerk. I had bought his book and was quite impressed with it even if some of the techniques he advocates are less than completely honest.

There is none of that in Hollyís book. It gives step by step instructions on how to start small and build up. She covers affiliate marketing, how to research your niche, without a website, building a website, Google Adsense, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), with lists, advertising your website, creating e-books and more. In other words nearly everything.

She offers to provide a free website although you do need to take out her recommended hosting package, although compared to other providers, although not the cheapest, its not a bad deal.

My only reservation in term of the content is that there are almost too many options for building websites, She is very keen on a Content management System called Joomla which I must confess with 15 years of Internet experience as an IT consultant I had never heard of, and there are a number of other website tools described and maybe it would have been better to stick to one or two. There is also a little bit of technical detail that maybe could have been

glossed over a little.

My only other negative point is that after ordering the book you get an advert for another book, a standard up-selling technique which I donít like and am not convinced works anyway. But then Holly also provides a set of free and previously unadvertised bonuses providing some more useful information.

Of course this all comes with the usual caveat that this book will not make you rich overnight. But it will give you a great head start. The links on this book alone would take you hours and hours to find and maybe worth the price of the book alone.

Some Internet wealth creation books focus simply on one particular area e.g. Search Engine Optimisation, Adwords, Adsense and so on and for some of the experts this is fine. But Hollyís book is much more general and well worth it for the price of $37

If youíre not prepared to put some effort into making money then donít buy this book. But if you are, especially if you are not really sure about how get started then I suggest you consider this useful book.

Article Source: http://articlecrazy.com

Ricky Hensman is an IT professional who is quite keen on providing advice and promoting inexpensive products which enhance peoples lives through a new developing website at www.zanybooks.co.uk Other interests include running, golf and looking after his twin young children.

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And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our Global Marketing website.


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