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Building Link Popularity Through Article Marketing
By Jane Scaplen
Creating a website is the first thing that you must do in order to generate revenue. That rule is simple enough and many people already know the value of a cleverly-designed and uniquely portrayed website. Those two characteristics of that website, however, are very important and crucial to the development of your fan base. If more people decide that your website and articles are up to snuff and love reading the information that you continue to put on it, then you will soon generate a website that will have your link all over the internet. If you do the opposite, however, and never take care of your website and fill it with out-of-date information then the opposite reaction will happen: your article and website will be a never-ending process that will get you nowhere!

One aspect of building link popularity through your website is to develop embedded contextual links within your article. If you have a lot of links that you can advertise within your article, more users will be drawn to it because you have an assortment of products and services that you are advertising. Embedded links within your articles will not only give your articles and that you do for them more clout with the search engines, but they will also establish a good fan base for your website and articles. For example, you can easily create a large group of people that love your articles by simply promoting your articles that have a lot of resources to offer. Those resources that you are offering may be links within your article, but when people decide that they like your article you have written, they will also post your link on their list of favorite Digg websites as well as many

other public bookmarking websites.

Completing this cycle over and over by promoting your articles and website will help you out even further. The more you promote your website and use your article to generate revenue and traffic, the more that people will see your articles and be attracted to them. This process and rule-of-thumb doesn't just apply to your own website, however. If you have a lot of links that you want to promote because of affiliate earnings and commissions, your articles will give you and your affiliate even more traffic and a higher chance to earn a good amount of money! The more people that see your website will help you establish that link popularity that you want to create for your articles as well as for the products of your affiliates.

Chances are that if you have been through this process than you definitely know that using article to establish your link popularity is crucial. It is crucial not only to the development of your website but also to how the search engines will view and portray your website filled with articles. Developing link popularity, however, is not an easy task, but by following this process of article you will be well on your way to developing the desired links that you want!

Article Source: http://articlecrazy.com

Jane Scaplen writes and submit articles for www.ArticlesFactory.com, one of the largest free articles repository.

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to marketing that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our Market Share website.


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