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Mlm/network Marketing Lead Generation
By Tracy Mullins
MLM/Network Lead Generation is the most important method to build your community network. The problem is no one knows how to do it effectively. 98% of those an online MLM business, lead with their main company website that sells a product or explains the compensation package. This screams “click away…click away” to the prospect. Never sell upfront! The art of MLM/Network lead generation is in “Pre-Selling” and getting the prospect to want to learn more, not join your business on their first visit.

The truth about the Internet is people come online to learn and educuate themselves, not to buy or join some hyped up business opportunity. If you slowly educate your prospects by “pre-selling” them on your business and product you will see your downline grow bigger and bigger as time goes on. This allows you to build a trusting realationship with your prospects over time.

You can do this with a good autoresponder that has about 10 messages that go out one every two days. Advertising experts say you have to contact your prospect about 7-10 times before they decide to buy from you or move on. This is why you see the same television commercials over and over again. Repitition in is the key. Your e-mails don;t have to be long or detaiiled. Just pointing out one benefit of your program in each e-mail. The autoresponder is a simple, low-cost tool to get this done. Automate as much of this follo-up as possible. You can be communicating with hundreds of propects when your are grocery shopping, sleeping, etc.

When you pre-sell, your job is to create interest for the click. That’s it! Let your affiliate program do the

selling. If you’ve joined a good MLM or affiliate program, they undoubtedly have spent many thousands of dollars on advertising copy and websites to do this job for you. Use the A.I.D.A. formula as your template in your follow-up messages. A.I.D.A. is an acronym for “Attention - Interest - Desire & Action. You want to first get their “Attention” with your subject headline. You then want to get them “Interested” in what you are offering. Describe a juicy benefit and give them a reason why it will benefit them. You want to create “Desire” by giving them more benefits of joining your business and then your want them to take “Action”. Hopefully this is to join your business opportunity.

Remember in MLM/Network Lead Generation it is important to gently pre-sell. You should increase your pre-sell techniques more and more throughout your 10 e-mail series. You don’t want to get biligerent but you want to be a bit more direct as you go. Ask for their “buy” action buy the 9th e-mail and by the 10th one it is OK to ask why they haven’t joined, let them know they are losing out and this is your last mail in the series. If they don’t join by the 10th e-mail you will then at least have them in your autoresponder and they will receive direct mailings when you do bulk mails to your list.

To Your Success!

Article Source: http://articlecrazy.com

Tracy Mullins writes on a variety of subjects at webprofitslink.com. To learn more visit Tracy's Blog: tracy's Blog

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