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A New Approach To Network Marketing-funded Sponsoring Franchises
By Dan Tucker
Network is an increasingly growing industry with the potential to create financial freedom and great wealth. Although, as reflected in the high failure rate, it is clear that the industry is not for everyone. The Funded Sponsoring Franchise system offers a new approach to network and helps people overcome most of the obstacles that cause failure in the industry.

Network is growing rapidly, in fact thousands and thousands of people enroll in various network companies every week. With generally low start up costs and extremely lucrative business plans promoting the concept of leverage to build a healthy residual income, network has the potential of being a very profitable method of products.

As attractive as network sounds, the vast majority of network marketers fail, leaving only a small percentage that succeed. And succeed they do, earning huge residual profits proving that the business plans definitely do work.

Some of the reasons for failure include lacking the skills in selling, communicating or simply not having the confidence to hold meetings, conduct cold calls or speak to people face to face. So building a team of distributors becomes a hard up hill grind, and many people quit.

However network has evolved through a tool that can expose your business to a world wide market at the click of a button. That tool is the internet, and itís allowing anyone with basic computer skills to access a wide range of and advertising mediums enabling them to build a highly successful network business. The beauty of this approach is that it eliminates the reasons for failure that come with the traditional method.

There are many methods out there, but one of the most successful is called a Funded Sponsoring Franchise system. This type of system allows you to promote a business of your choice or alternatively find a good business to promote. So it appeals not only to the business seeker but also to someone who is already established in a network company.

A clear, precise, plan on how to succeed in your business will be provided in an effective Funded Sponsoring Franchise system, as well as carefully selected affiliate programs designed to produce multiple streams of income quickly. The purpose of which is to reinvest portions of that income into your advertising campaign for your primary business.

The advantages the system has over the traditional method of network are many. Firstly your role changes

from selling, face to face and hosting meetings to helping and mentoring. If you learn to apply and understand the system youíll realize that it basically does the selling for you, and by helping other succeed, youíre helping yourself. Although there is much to learn, you donít need the same skills as a traditional network marketer.

Secondly a Funded Sponsoring Franchise is 100% duplicable, as the website and business plan are identical for everyone. Therefore people are applying the same tactics throughout your down line, and only dedication and the amount of time spent on them will vary between each individual. This creates leverage in you down line as you know they are applying the same methods you are.

Also with a FSFS, you only spend your time with people who are already interested and who want to be involved in the industry, as they have already show interest by enrolling. This is a huge time saver as you donít need to spend time with disinterested prospects and enables you to spend more time with the interested ones as well as advertising and promoting.

In addition the prospect knows that the system works simply by the fact that he/she has enrolled, which helps to build trust and confidence in the program.

As you can see a Funded Sponsoring Franchise system provides an effective alternative for anyone struggling in network marketing.

If you would like to explore a successful example of a Funded Sponsoring Franchise system, simply click on the link below.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleJoe.com

About the author:Dan Tucker lives in Far North Queensland, Australia. He has just begun a network business using a new online system to help himself and others become successful. He is already seeing results with the system and is excited about the future.Dan Tuckertuckz@hotmail.comagel1.payitforward4profits.com

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