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Tracking Traffic - A Must For Success
By Tom Childs
One of the essential rules for home business Internet marketing, and for of any business, is to know if the product or means you are using to market is working or not. Itís amazing the number of entrepreneurs that spend time and money on home business Internet and donít track it. By tracking we mean that they donít keep track of how and why people inquire about or buy their products and services. They donít know if the ad that they ran in the paper is the reason someone called for their technical help, or if the speech that they delivered at last weekís Chamber of Commerce luncheon might have lured that new customer.

Home business Internet is successful only if the money and time spent on the effort to bring in new customers and new revenues does not exceed the profit made from that expense. A crucial part of determining Return on Investment (ROI) is knowing what Internet tool works for your home business Ė and what does not.

Buying a home business Internet analytic tool that can help track results makes good business sense for several other reasons, one of which is to determine what users and potential customers like about your Web site and what they donít. Home business Internet analysis software can tell you which pages were visited most frequently and the common exit and entry pages.

Exit pages are important, because if the page that a large number of consumers are exiting from is not the order confirmation page than that tells you that something about that page is driving users away from your site. Knowing where you go wrong so you can correct it is a crucial piece of Internet information for your home business. Knowing the entry page gives you an idea of which of your home business Internet tactics and resources worked.

Most Internet monitoring tools let you know which browsers and operating systems your siteís users have. You can find out, for instance, how many have Macs, how many have Windows based systems, how many use Internet Explorer and how many use Netscape. Youíll be able to see if consumers are also trying

to navigate to ď404Ē pages Ė those that no longer exist. These broken links must be fixed quickly or the message to these users is that your home business is not efficient and youíll have lost that opportunity.

With these monitoring tools installed for your site you can also keep track of your conversions (consumer visit that results in a sale) and determine the source of the visit as well as the path on your site that that buyer took to complete the sale.

Nor are home business Internet and tracking tools costly. Some of the best software and services are priced at a low $20 a month.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleJoe.com

Tom Childs holds an MBA from the University at Buffalo, and is involved with several highly successful internet businesses.Visit Tom's "Home Business Success Training Journal" Blog Site: Click Here For Tom's Blog--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Are You Looking for an Internet Business to Get StartedWith? Tom Recommends This One: Click Here To Learn More--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do You Already Have an Internet Business? Tom RecommendsThis Program to Help You Succeed: Click Here To Learn More----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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